Jason_Edlin-Profile-large Jason is a highly experienced executive with a passion for people and customer experience design drawing on a deep background in financial services, operations, strategy, consulting, continuous improvement and general management.  Maintaining a strong focus on delivering long-lasting benefits by identifying what is best for the customer.  Responsible for leading change through the development and implementation of the latest approaches to Customer Experience Management while deploying outstanding expertise in the latest business process improvement methodologies including customer journeys and customer experience modelling.  Jason’s highly attuned interpersonal, facilitation and communication skills and capacity for leadership are key enablers for delivery excellence.With over 30 years in lead customer service and operational roles Jason’s extensive management experience is evident in his broad range of skills from stakeholder and customer management, collaborative problem solving, performance improvement and his approach to resolving conflict and performance issues.  This has given Jason the ability to rapidly assimilate how an operation functions and to understand the customer experience and focus on operational improvements irrespective of whether he has worked in the industry before.

As an experienced advisor and coach of operational excellence, Jason has worked closely with stakeholders to define Customer Journeys, Customer experience, enhancing customer service, reducing costs and paperwork and improving revenue and has led and worked alongside many teams with recognised high levels of customer success.  As senior level manager Jason has successfully led operations from stand alone to multi-site with significant staffing levels including sales, performance and profit centre and associated functions such as HR, technology, facilities and vendor contract and general administration.  A very strong client focus ensures that all systems and processes are regularly reviewed to ensure alignment with both business strategy and promoting successful customer outcomes.