What We Do

We provide you with business insights and help you measure and manage your business outcomes your way. Our main areas of expertise are:

IT & Application Strategy

Successful organisations have a very mature business strategy and are also likely to have a mature IT strategy to complement their business strategy. IT Application strategy is a critical component of an organisation IT success. It is extremely critical for any organisation to firstly initiate an IT Application strategy that complements their IT strategy and further manage it effectively on an ongoing basis.

Technology is changing at a very fast pace. To harness the best of what is available requires a well-crafted and well-managed Strategy. We can help you initiate your IT Application Strategy by providing the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have right applications and platforms to support your business processes?
  • Do you have the optimal suit of applications to manage your business?
  • Should you build new applications, or buy or subscribe to already available applications?
  • Are you managing your applications appropriately? Do you have an application upgrade policy? Do you need one?
  • Are you using Applications that complement each other and give you the best return in value?
  • Do you have an integrated view of the information across all applications?
  • Do you have the right platform to support your applications?
  • Do you have the right resources and environments to manage your applications?
  • Do you have a right Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Do you have a right Business Continuity Plan?
  • Do you have the right governance approach to your applications?

Customer Relationship Management

Managing clients and customers and providing outstanding customer service is a fundamental requirement for most organisations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has all the foundations to help your team to deliver personalised, consistent and targeted customer service.

Earlier CRM systems were known to be complex and costly, that resulted in poor user adoption, as they failed to deliver the intended outcomes. Microsoft Dynamics has come a long way to address these shortcomings with features and capabilities that encourage user productivity and business agility.

While Microsoft Dynamics is intended to be a platform for self-service, it is better executed by experienced resources.

We provide the following services:

  • Customisation and Development
  • Data Migration and Systems Integrations
  • Functional Design and Best Practices
  • Project Deployment and Implementation
  • Reports and Dashboard Development
  • Version Upgrades

Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

More and more businesses have started to accept that data can drive better decisions, especially now when an enormous amount of data is readily available along with tools to analyse them. We can design statistical models for your business to simulate real-life problems that can provide you realistic insights into your business performance. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Customer behaviour
  • Enterprise performance
  • Workload planning and allocation
  • Resource scheduling

Software development

The debate for custom vs off-the-shelf solutions will always exist. While it is true that an off-the-shelf product is a better value for the business most of the time, sometimes only a bespoke solution can give you the competitive advantage that your business might need. We work both with off-the-shelf and custom solutions and can provide you with a vendor agnostic evaluation of both. Before you implement a solution, it is critical that you evaluate the alternatives and make a decision based on facts and not the sales pitch. We can help you identify your business requirements and then identify the best alternative available. We can further build prototypes to help you feel and measure the business benefits. And if required, we can help you build the software and roll it out through your business.

System integration

In today’s day and age, when businesses want to stay ahead in the game, it is critical that all their business systems work synchronously. Businesses need this further to reduce on their costs, resource consumption and most importantly to have a better and a reliable experience. We can help your business to integrate systems, improve business processes and operational efficiency.


Software project management and governance

How often do we hear about project failures or projects not delivering to their intent? Statistics shows that projects and especially software projects very seldom fail due to technical reasons, and mostly fail due to poor management and governance. Software is not something that you can see and feel. Generally it is a dream that you want to realise. And this makes software projects extremely difficult to measure, manage and govern. You only learn this through experience. On one hand our team have rolled out hundreds of such projects to success. While on the other, our team have helped businesses recover from failed projects. Let our experience help you deliver successful projects.